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Address data

  • Den Akker 8 (home)
    Den Akker 6 (office)
    4054 MD Echteld
    The Netherlands

    Phone +31-344-617856

  • Route description for travellers by car.

    From the highway A15 Rotterdam to Arnhem / Nijmegen :
    1. Junction at Echteld, follow direction to Echteld till railway crossing.
    2. After the railway crossing immediately turn to the right (Spoorstraat).
    3. Turn to the third way on your left (Biezenburgse weg), distance about 3 KM.
    4. On the dyke turn to the right (Waalbandijk).
    5. First way on your right (Den Akker).
    6. First way on your right again (no through road).
    7. First parking place on your left (at the office).
    The numbers are also on the local map on the maps page.

  • Route description for travellers by train.

    From Utrecht departs twice per hour a train with direct connection to Tiel.
    From's-Hertogenbosch departs in the morning and afternoon twice per hour a train for Utrecht, in the evening once per hour; change in Geldermalsen for the train to Tiel.
    From Arnhem departs once per hour until about 18:30 a train for Tiel, in the evening however a bus.

    From the railway station in Tiel per traintaxi or taxi to Den Akker.


At the maps page you will find maps in different scales, which show you how to find your way to Den Akker.

Other phone numbers

The above phone numbers primary usage is for our office. Other people are mostly reachable at their mobile phone, the number of that phone has to be given to you by themselves. The following numbers are public :
  • Jeanette : 06 287 30 274
  • Mendel : 06 25 48 48 47
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